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Vitamin C - 2kg or 8kg

Vitamin C - 2kg or 8kg

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For Plants & Soil:

Our recommendations  vitamin C :


40 to 200g / ha  foliar passage

Use as a water softener.


Goals :

  • Lower the pH of the spray mixtures to improve the absorption of the preparations.
  • Raw plant sap is at pH 5
  • Vitamin C would also intervene as foliar stimulant in the form of water-soluble powder which would have a  fortifying effect. 



Its 100% pure, water-soluble and quality composition allows an effective vitamin supply.

IMPORTANT:  when handling and mixing, use a non-metallic utensil if possible.


In order to preserve the quality of the product, store away from light, humidity, frost and heat. Keep the anti-humidity bag present in the pot.
Close the jar properly after each use.



Can be used in organic farming in accordance with EC regulation n ° 834/2007