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Chlorex - Dechlorinates water for use of BIO-SIL

Chlorex - Dechlorinates water for use of BIO-SIL

30 Grams
Excluding Sales Tax |

Rate :  3.5  € - 30g


Name :  CHLOREx

Packaging: 30g 


Dechlorinates chlorinated water.
For use of BIO-SIL:  1 bag of 30g decolourises 100L of water under 10 minutes.


The use of BIO-SIL  must be done with non-chlorinated water  according to the manufacturer's instructions as chlorine can be harmful to bacteria  and cause a decrease in efficiency. However,  if you do not have drinking water or precisely non-chlorinated water Dr. PIEPER offers in his range  : CHLOREx  which is developed on a purely natural basis.

As CHLOREx is  to a revitalizing effect on lactic acid, the treatment of non-chlorinated water is not detrimental.



1 sachet of 30g  per 100 L to be treated.

Pour 1 sachet of 30 gr of Chlor-ex into the chlorinated water tank.

After about 5 to 10 minutes, add the BIO-SIL® as usual.


The cost of processing quantity is  € 0.35  per tonne of silage, i.e. € 3.5 per 100 l of water.